What We Do

Three Peaks Lodge is a 100-acre property nestled in the small town of Saint Anthony, Idaho. In 2003 we opened our doors and quickly became a favorite reunion destination for hundreds of families. Our focus has always been on creating a playful and relaxing environment.

In 2019 we expanded our services to include weddings, corporate events, and celebrations. No matter what occasion is bringing you together Three Peaks Lodge will help make it a memorable day.

What Makes Us Different

Well... Our secret passageways, for starters.     

At Three Peaks Lodge, our goal is to create an environment where people of all ages are happy to stay, play, and enjoy each other's company.

Whether you are coming for a wedding, a corporate party, or spending time with friends and family, you will find an atmosphere of celebration and joy. Indoor slides, a pool table, and a pickleball court are just a few things that make our venue so hard to leave.